Which Is The Best ERP Software For Ahmedabad Companies?

ERP is one of the most useful software solutions that a business relies on. As an organization grows, its business process gets complex. Without a standalone software solution that integrates all the business processes and presents data to be seen as and when needed, the organization’s growth will get obstructed. An enterprise-ready ERP should integrate and support accounting, purchasing, inventory & supply chain management, sales & CRM, and even HRM.

With so many functionalities in an ERP, comparing one with the other can be confusing. And since ERP is an indispensable part of most companies, the global ERP market keeps on growing. The global ERP market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.8% until 2027. Owing to the importance of ERP, the market is teeming with ERP software. But which among them is the best for your business? – This can be hard to decide. For this reason, our experts have put together a comprehensive analysis of the top 5 ERP software that are popular in Ahmedabad. Our experts chose these companies after examining their usefulness, market cap, features, and ease of use. Let’s dive in.

Best ERP Software In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the most developed cities in India and the economic hub of the state of Gujarat. There are more than two dozen industries that are headquartered in Ahmedabad.

Let’s examine the top 5 ERP software available in Ahmedabad.


Any article on ERP software is bound to start with SAP. There are many SAP ERP vendors in Ahmedabad that help companies implement this time-tested and coherent ERP system. Whenever the question of SAP implementation comes, business owners tend to wonder, “Is my company big enough to require SAP ERP?” SAP has different products to target for both the more prominent companies, mid-size and smaller ones. You have SAP Business One, SAP Business One Starter Package, SAP HANA, and SAP ByDesign to choose from.

There are compelling reasons why most businesses in Ahmedabad use SAP instead of any other ERP platform.

An ERP Solution For Businesses Irrespective of Size

SAP can run the business process of a multinational conglomerate and a startup equally well. From SAP Business One Starter Package for MSMEs and SAP Business One for small to medium businesses to SAP ByD for medium and large businesses – SAP has a solution for all.

SAP Supports Almost All Kinds of Industries

The reason why SAP is so popular all around the globe is that it can fit any business use case. In many cases, after a company buys a small ERP software, it soon finds out that the ERP can’t handle many of its business processes. However, SAP is equipped with all the modules that any business needs. It’s not rigid. Businesses can customize SAP ERP to fit its specific needs.

Localization capabilities

No Matter where you conduct your business, SAP ensures that your business process complies with local and international regulations. With localization features embedded in different products of SAP, compliance becomes easy and organized.

SAP ERP is GST Complaint

Continuing with the localization features, SAP ensures easy compliance with GST regulations for Indian companies. In fact, the way GST has replaced multiple taxes with just one tax, it has become easier to streamline the tax compliance process with SAP.

In-Built Analytics and Business Intelligence

SAP offers built-in data analytics tools to drill down and find insights based on your business data.

Multi-Subsidiary Reports

Many companies would like to treat its branches as separate legal entities. As such, they would love to generate separate sales or financial reports for each of the branches. SAP is capable of treating the branches of one company as separate entities. You can use different databases for each of these branches to keep the data separate. Again, if you would like to consolidate the reports, that’s also possible. Security-wise, the employees of one branch can’t access the data of another. Even though these branches are treated as separate, SAP handles the data for stock transfers intelligently. It shows them as a sales and purchase transaction.

Scalable. No Need To Go All In From The Beginning

Unlike other ERP systems, SAP can be scaled up gradually. For example, you can start with SAP Business One Starter Package during the initial phase. Once your business grows, you can upgrade to the SAP Business One.

Cloud Support

SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, and other SAP products can be purchased as an off-premise and cloud version. Thus, companies don’t need to buy expensive hardware or servers to install SAP ERP. Resultantly, companies don’t need too many specialists to maintain hardware and ensure high availability. With cloud hosting, SAP takes care of many overheads that are necessary to keep the ERP software working.

Overall, SAP is a great Cloud ERP software that offers massive ROI and fewer overheads. In addition, with so many people learning SAP, companies will never have any problem finding SAP Business One or SAP Business By Design specialists.

2. Tally ERP

Tally ERP is another ERP Software that is quite popular in India. The main advantage of using Tally is that you can receive support from the parent company itself. Why? Because it is an Indian ERP software manufacturer. So, for a company located in Ahmedabad, Tally can be a great choice. Another important benefit of choosing is its ease of use. The interface of Tally is quite simple. If you have some knowledge in Excel, you’ll already have some headstart as far as operating Tally is concerned.

That being said, Tally is not as advanced as SAP or, say, Microsoft Dynamics 365. True, it can perform all the basic tasks that a traditional ERP does. But, in essence, Tally is still an accounting software. Most of its features are slanted toward accounting, ledger management, GST invoicing, etc. So there is a high possibility that after a while, the company using it might outgrow it. But make no mistake, Tally is excellent for small-sized companies.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft is not too far behind in this ERP race. It offers Dynamics 365 ERP that stores all the data generated by all the departments of the company. Its USP is its seamless integration with other Microsoft products. We should specially mention its integration with PowerApps that enables you to create custom modules for this ERP – and that too with minimal coding. From finance to operations, retail to project management, and HR – Dynamics 365 is a perfect fit for every task.

However, here’s one heads-up for you. SAP is great when it comes to support. Even the community support is great. However, this is not true so far as Dynamics 365 is concerned. This is partly because SAP was created by its parent company while Microsoft bought the codebase from another company. (The ‘AX’ of Dynamics Ax comes from IBM Axapta)

4. Vasy ERP

Vasy ERP is an ERP software that’s made in India. It has all the functionalities that you would expect from traditional ERP software. What’s more? It runs on AWS. So when they say that it is a cloud-based ERP software, be assured that there will be high availability of the software with minimal downtime. From inventory and warehouse management, from manufacturing to billing at POS – it’s capable of everything.

But it would help if you kept in mind that it specifically advertises itself as an ERP for small businesses. So, there is a high chance that when your company becomes bigger, you might outgrow it.

5. Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite is one of the rarest big-ticket ERP companies that target small businesses for their ERP software with the same enthusiasm as they target big enterprises. This ERP software company is quite accessible in Ahmedabad. Its USP lies in the fact that, unlike others, it does not confuse users with too many versions. It has just one cloud-based version, which is regularly updated.

But please be aware that there are not many people who are well-versed in Netsuite in India.

These 5 ERPs are the strongest ones competing against each other in Ahmedabad. Ultimately it all comes down to which one is the best, scalable, secure, and trusted by the most number of industry leaders.

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