Do You Need to Use a YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency?

Brands wanting to invest in influencer marketing will often begin with established platforms like Youtube.

Youtube has been around since 2005 and has grown rapidly since its inception. Today the platform has over 210 million users in the US alone. These users span all sorts of ages, genders, races, and incomes. The most notable users are from Gen Z and millennial generations, these viewers have even been found to watch Youtube more than they do TV.

This significant interest has shown no sign of reducing in recent years. In fact, US viewership grew by over 20 million from 2018 to 2021.

Youtube is certainly an obvious choice for those brands looking to get involved in influencer marketing, but do you need to work with a Youtube influencer marketing agency to make this happen?

Ultimately, no you don’t. Brands can reach out to influencers directly without having to go through agencies or networks (in this case, Youtube).

However, that does not mean that the best influencer marketing platform for Youtube can be achieved easily without the help of an experienced agency. 

Finding, connecting with, and building relationships with the right influencer all take time. You cannot expect to start a successful Youtube influencer marketing campaign without investing in building these relationships first unless you work with an agency.

Many brands that want to use influencer marketing to boost their promotional work simply do not have the time or resources needed to create an effective campaign from scratch.

Agencies will have spent years getting to know and working with a variety of different influencers and their management teams. They can help you skip the initial steps and ensure that you choose a trustworthy influencer, with genuine engagement, that suits your brand.

While you don’t have to work with an agency, one with experience building Youtube influencer marketing campaigns can be invaluable.

If you want to guarantee that your Youtube influencer marketing ventures go well, you need to try a reputable agency.

Surpass has years of experience and is here to help you. Contact us now to find out more.

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