How to Sell a Whisky Cask: The Role of Finishing

Finishing is not a pre-requisite to selling your whisky cask. But it may be an opportunity. Let me explain how finishing can help to sell your whisky cask.

There are a range of different exit strategies for a whisky cask. One of the routes you can take is to sell to the industry. For example, an independent bottler looking for great casks to bottle. The more unique or interesting that cask, the keener they will be to buy it. And that, of course, is a good thing.

H2: Using finishing to enhance a whisky

Finishing is an opportunity to add that final, interesting, spin on your cask. As the name may suggest, this process takes the whisky from its original cask and moves it into a different cask for an additional period of time. This layers extra flavours, and adds further dimensions, to a whisky. Sherry is often used to finish a whisky. But there are lots of options – wine, port, cognac, rum, even beer.

Not only will a finish enhance the whisky’s flavour, it should also make it ‘jump off the page’ when an industry buyer is looking through purchase lists. It could even save them a job, as independent bottlers often like to finish their whiskies.

This means you should find it easier and quicker to sell your whisky cask, while realising the best possible valuation.

H2: Selling your whisky cask with Spiritfilled

If you have a cask to sell, or if you’re looking for help with cask finishing, Spiritfilled can help. Spiritfilled is an expert cask broker who buy and sell casks every day. They’re also an independent bottler, who use their finishing expertise to develop their own whiskies. You can contact Spiritfilled for further guidance on how to sell a whisky cask here.

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