Let’s Understand Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

What is the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property?

Google Analytics is the next generation of Google Analytics Universal Property. GA4 will help you in collecting more information. This information helps you to get a better understanding of the conversion funnel.
GA4 property gives you more advanced information because GA4 collects data from both, website and mobile Application and gives collective information to the users. We will discuss this in detail.

How does Google Analytics 4 property work?

Google Analytics property is based on advanced machine learning technology.
All the user interactions that happen on your website or app are collected and stored by Analytics as ‘events’. These events provide insight into the activities that are happening on your website or app, such as page views, button clicks, user actions, or system events.

All the user interactions that happen on your website or app are collected and stored by Analytics as ‘events’. These events provide insight into the activities that are happening on your website or app, such as page views, button clicks, user actions, or system events.

If your business has a presence on both a website and an app, it becomes important to measure a diverse range of user interactions to better understand how people engage with your business across these platforms.

For example, you could measure:

  • Clicks and pageviews on your website
  • Installs and opens your app
  • User engagement and conversions on either platform

By collecting data as events, Google Analytics combines app and web data in a common language in your reports.

What are the reasons Google launched ‘Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Property’?

There are so many reasons to launch Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Property, here we will discuss some reasons given below
GA4 is a new version of Google Analytics that uses Firebase Analytics in the backend. To make a good marketing strategy, it is very important to understand the journey of customers. But, In this digital world, it’s become very complicated to understand and track the journey of any customer especially when your business or brand provides many possible touch points such as –

  • Customers now interact with businesses in many different ways, both online and offline.
  • customers start an activity on one device, then continue or finish it on another. For example, a customer searches for a product by using a mobile phone and buys that product using different devices such as a laptop or desktop.
  • Customers who do research before making purchases tend to have greater lifetime value than those who don’t.

In order to keep up, businesses need a measurement tool that can track the journey of customers and on the basis of that journey provide quality insights.

Here, Google Analytics 4 property helps you to understand the journey of a customer. GA4 property is capable of handling data that is getting collected from various data sources. For example – a customer or user might first visit your website on their mobile phone and later visit it on their computer. Analytics can de-duplicate these users to measure a single user journey across devices based on the best available user identifiers.

To deduplication of users, Google uses its own identifiers which are known as ‘Identity Spaces’ which include different identifiers such as Google signals, the IDs you assign users logged into your website, and device ID. You can also bring your own identifier for signed-in users or seamlessly use both. Analytics will use the best option for each situation to bring (collect/ gather/ bring in the) data.

How Google Analytics helps you to meet your business Objective?

Google Analytics can help you meet your business objectives in the following ways:

  • Google Analytics helps you to understand how your customers are using your business mobile application or website, this way you can have a better understanding of how customers are using your digital platforms.
  • Analytics gives you great insight into information about your customers.
  • Gives you a seamless measurement experience by combining web and app reporting.

With the Help of Identity Spaces, you can get the answers to questions like:
The total number of unique users you have, irrespective of the platforms they use?
The number of conversions that have occurred on your app and website in the past week- and which platform is bringing the most of these conversions?

What are the advantages of Google Analytics 4 Property?

Google Analytics is a very helpful tool for your digital Business. Here we will discuss some important advantages of Google Analytics 4 Property:-

  • Analytics is an important tool for businesses that have their digital presence in the form of a website or an app. The best part is that if a business has both (Website or Mobile Application), then it can analyze this data together to gain insight into customer journeys that cross between these platforms.
  • With the help of Analytics, you can measure the apps and websites together in a common language, across all reports. Events and conversions are reported the same way, irrespective of the platform where they take place.
  • With Analytics, the data can be controlled flows through features like anonymizing IP addresses, disabling data collection, and setting data retention periods. This way, Analytics provides a durable way to measure the customer’s interactions with your business while fulfilling user expectations regarding their privacy/ around privacy.
  • With the industry changes limiting the number of signals received, advances in automation and machine learning are imperative for delivering relevant ad experiences and reliable measurement for marketers. Data modeling helps in compensating for the absence of these signals by using models that are trained on observable data.

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