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Describing its function rudimentarily; a stepper motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical power into mechanical power. The stepper motor is brushless and divides a whole revolution into an equal number of steps. It can be highly regulated and requires no direct feedback system.

Permanent magnet stepper motors, variable reluctance stepper motors, and hybrid synchronous stepper motors are the most common forms of stepper motors produced by dedicated stepper manufacturers such as ISL Products. Each type of motor functions differently, and each provides specific advantages when compared to their servo motor equivalents.

There are industry-defined standards for stepper manufacturers and producers of electrical products, equipment, and wiring that are used in industrial facilities. Hybrid stepper motors are one such product categorized by NEMA, with each motor being designated with a frame size (such as; 11, 23, or 34). As an example, an NEMA 23 size motor will have a mounting face size of 2.3 inches sq, whereas an NEMA 17 sized hybrid stepper motor will have a 1.7 inches sq sized mounting surface.

Because there are no contact brushes inside stepper motors they are therefore extremely reliable. Brushless operation reduces mechanical failures and increases lifespan. Because the speed of a stepper motor is generated by the frequency of its pulse inputs, stepper motors can be employed in a variety of different applications:

Suitable applications for stepper motors:

  • Medical imaging machinery
  • Small robots
  • CNC milling machines
  • Welding equipment
  • 3D printing equipment
  • Textile machines
  • Printing presses
  • Gaming machines

A stepper motor will not be beneficial for every device. They tend to be heavy and require controllers to run. however, in the correct application, stepper motors can be highly effective and deliver significantly increased performance. 

Stepper motors have full torque power at a resting stop, and their rotation angle is proportional to their input pulse. Stepper motors typically offer enhanced speed control, greater accuracy, and movement repetition.

Stepper motors may be used in almost any application that demands precision positioning, motion control, and low-speed torque, and whilst servo motors have their place in specific applications, stepper motors are more often than not the superior choice. 

In addition to the above points raised, Stepper motors also offer:

  • High torque at low speeds 
  • Open-loop control 
  • Suitability for fixed loads 
  • Low operational noise
  • High torque density 
  • Affordability 
  • Accurate motion control
  • Low maintenance 
  • High reliability
  • Easy integration 

ISL Products creates high-value Stepper Motor solutions for a wide range of clients and applications across the globe. They are one of the most customer-focused stepper providers in the U.S today and their range of stepper motors offer high torque output and precise positioning.  ISL Products are a high value proposition for all motion control applications.From NEMA 8 sized Hybrid Stepper Motors, to Flat Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors, ISL’s team of experts have a solution for you. ISL Products can also tailor-make geared stepper motors to match the exact requirements of your application.

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