Why Now Is the Perfect Time to opt for Energy Efficient Metal Roof Insulation 

Polyurethane foam insulation is an excellent choice for insulating new and existing metal roofing, without the inconvenience of re-roofing or over-cladding. Spray foam insulation is a very effective insulator for metal roofs as they help reduce condensation and can be applied easily and affordably.

Large and / or complex roofs can be insulated in a relatively short time, with minimal disruption, and the composition of foam spray is such that, when cured, it forms a very effective thermal barrier over many different surfaces.

Many metal roofs are afflicted by inadequate insulation and the accompanying condensation problems. Spray foam insulation can solve both of these issues with a single treatment. Foam spray is applied as a hot liquid which ensures it adheres directly to surfaces, better protecting your existing roof and filling cracks and crevices that may otherwise leak. 

Foam is initially sprayed in liquid form, before proceeding to harden into a fully protective layer. This process takes place virtually instantly and guarantees an impenetrable coating that bonds securely to metal roofs.

Because of its innovative application, spray foam can be used on practically any metal roof or wall to form a thermal barrier that eliminates condensation concerns. Spray polyurethane foam insulation is effective at reducing energy bills associated with heating and air conditioning. 

With spray foam insulation you can expect:

  • Faster and easier application
  • Stress-free application
  • Compatibility with almost any metal roof or wall 
  • Efficient indoor climate control, particularly with reducing heat in the summer 
  • Elimination of condensation

For all the key reasons listed above, and more, spray foam insulation has become perhaps the most sought-after metal roof insulation material in the U.S today. For high-quality metal roof insulation and installation services, choose Foam Roof Solutions.

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