Why Plastic Photo ID Cards are Good For Your Business?

Photo ID cards have been used in various industries for many decades. In this piece, we will cover the benefits of photo ID cards for your business or organization. Let’s get started.

Advantages of plastic photo ID cards

1. Boosts security:

The use of photo ID cards is one of the best ways to ensure safety at a business or organization’s premises. If a company has many employees, ID cards make it easier to identify employees and differentiate the various roles. If there’s a security breach, intruders will be unable to access restricted areas and the authorities will be notified quickly.

2. Builds your brand:

When a company uses a photo ID card system, it shows that they are serious about enhancing security. Businesses can offer discount deals and other special offers for their employees. For instance, they can partner with a store to allow their employees to get discounts when they visit and show their ID cards. These activities improve a company’s professional image and help attract new talent.

3. Allows monitoring and activity tracking:

Monitoring and activity tracking is possible when details like barcodes are added to photo ID cards. Managers and business owners can track the parts of the premises that the staff visits, equipment usage and the in and out times. They could also be used to track the number of hours an employee works. Employees are usually more productive when they know that someone monitors their activities.

A reliable photo ID card printing service

At ACB Ltd, we are dedicated to providing the best photo ID card printing services in the UK. Before printing, we will provide a template for the ID card and if you don’t have a design, we will be glad to share a few samples we’ve done or create a new design. We offer:

  • Double-sided or single printing
  • Personalized photo ID cards
  • 48-72 hour turnaround time
  • Magnetic stripes and encoding
  • Barcodes and signature options
  • Photo ID card mailing services

In addition, we provide accessories like cardholders, lanyards, and clips. If you need to print photo ID cards, get in touch to make an order.

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