Why You Should Rent A Water Fountain

Many offices, gyms, recreational sports, and schools in the UK face hydration problems. Drinking enough water daily is important as it enables people to do their daily activities more efficiently. You can solve hydration issues by renting a water fountain.

Let’s discuss the benefits of renting a water fountain.

Access to Filtered Water

One of the main issues with tap water is you never know if it is entirely safe for drinking. It is common knowledge that municipal water is treated before being distributed to homes, schools, and offices.

But over time, water pipes get corroded and dirt builds up inside them, meaning disease-causing organisms can get into the water. For this reason, a significant number of people dislike drinking tap water.

A mains-fed water fountain comes with a filter that purifies the water, making it safe for drinking. Not only is the water clean, but it also tastes great!

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

To maintain great mental, emotional and physical health, you must live a healthy lifestyle. Today, many people suffer from lifestyle diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. Usually, these diseases are attributed to an inactive lifestyle and consumption of unhealthy foods.

So, when people think about healthy living, what comes to their minds is exercising and eating nutritious foods. But drinking water is just as important. Water makes up about 60% of your body. It is used by tissues, cells, and organs in the body and plays important roles such as regulating body temperature and enhancing brain function.

Most people are unable to get the right dosage of water per day because of a lack of a constant supply of clean water. The solution is to rent a water fountain. It provides a constant supply of great-tasting filtered water and improves overall health.

Good for the Environment

More and more schools, companies, and organizations in the UK are coming up with ways of dealing with environmental degradation. If the environment is not protected, it will negatively impact future generations.

A mains-fed water fountain eliminates the use of water bottles in areas such as schools and recreational facilities. A water fountain can easily refill your glass or reusable water bottle whenever you need clean water. It is an excellent way of reducing the use of plastic water bottles.

Increases Productivity

Studies indicate that drinking adequate water can boost brain function, memory, and mood. Sometimes, employees suffer from fatigue and headaches at work, making it difficult for them to do their work efficiently.

One of the main reasons for this is dehydration. Employees who stay hydrated throughout the day will be less likely to suffer from fatigue, headaches, or anxiety. So, a water fountain helps increase productivity in the workplace.

Water Fountains in the UK

Aquacool is the top provider of top-quality mains-fed water fountains in the UK. We understand the importance of hydration to your overall wellbeing.

With our water fountains, you can access filtered and great-tasting water all day long in environments such as the gym, office, or recreational spots. We offer a wide range of water fountains. We are sure you will find one that suits your budget and needs. Contact Aquacool to rent a water fountain in the UK.

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